House of timber in the Crimea

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A house in the suburbs

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House near Yekaterinburg

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House project for sale

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Most important questions and answers

1. How to order a 3D Visualization?

To order 3D Visualization and find out all the conditions on the cost, timing and technical data, call +7 (999) 986-95-36, or leave a request on the website, and the first released specialist will contact you soon.

2. What guarantees do you get working with us?

We fix in the contract the final cost and terms of all necessary works for each object and give legal guarantees that it will not change. < / br> Quality assurance-our work in the portfolio. Every subsequent work we try to do better than the previous ones. Call + 7 (999) 986-95-36 and our experts will answer all your questions on guarantees.

3. What data do you need from Customers to create 3D Visualization?

-General plan of the house
- Landscaping< / br> - Floor plans< / br> - Ground floor plan< / br> - Roof plan< / br> - Facades of the house with the sizes< / br> - Zveroforma map of the facades of the house with a description of materials, colors and shades according to RAL, etc.

4. For whom the actual 3D Render?

- for developers and developers < / br> - for architectural offices and private architects < / br> - for advertising and real estate agencies < / br>

5. How much does advertising 3D visualization of real estate objects cost?

The cost of 3D Visualization of the residential complex, for example, can vary greatly in the range from 90 000 to 350 000 rubles. It depends on the complexity of the object architecture, environmental design and landscaping, the number of angles and initial data from the Customer. We will find the best solution for you and offer several options for your object, you can find out about them by calling +7 (999) 986-95-36< / strong>


We are located at: Moscow City
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from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday

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